About Amanda

My experience

I first discovered hypnotherapy in my mid-20s whilst recovering from pneumonia brought on by working long hours and being seriously stressed in my job. Hypnotherapy relaxed me and, at the same time, helped me deal with suppressed traumas and negative experiences from my childhood which were subconsciously affecting me. Until then, I hadn’t realised how much I was holding on to limiting beliefs and behaviours which were impacting on my day to day life. The therapy enabled me to become more positive, more confident and deal with stress and life more easily and effectively.

It was during this time, while I was working as a Graduate Training Manager in a City firm, that I realised a number of my students, who came from a variety of social and academic backgrounds, had confidence and self-esteem issues, which were having an impact on their professional development. I felt strongly that, if they could have access to the same help that I’d had, their confidence and self-belief would improve greatly, making their career progression much smoother, more enjoyable and, in some cases, more successful.

Amanda Kerr during an initial client consultation

New Career

After taking a career break to raise my family, I chose to embark on a new career as a hypnotherapist. I spent two years’ studying and training with the Isis Centre for Integrated Hypnotherapy in Brighton. I graduated in 2011 with the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy, the Practitioners Certificate in NLP and the Practitioners Certificate in Life Coaching. This nationally accredited school of hypnotherapy and NLP is recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, The Hypnotherapy Association and the Hypnotherapy Society.

In 2017, I trained with the internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist using Marisa’s extremely powerful and successful RTT method.

In 2020, I trained and qualified as an Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioner to allow me to specialise in treating trauma and PTSD. Sadly, too many people are needlessly struggling from unresolved traumas and I chose to train in this particularly powerful method because of its speed and effectiveness. It is already becoming my biggest go-to method for the majority of my clients.

I consistently invest in my own personal and professional development to maintain the level of therapy and service I strive to give my clients. I have helped hundreds of people make significant and positive changes to their lives and am passionate about each and every case.

I believe that the combination of challenging childhood issues, working for many years in the corporate world and being a mother to 3 teenage boys has enabled me to have an understanding and empathy with the vast majority of my clients.
I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, am bound by their code of ethics and fully insured.