Personal clients

Growing up, you may have acquired beliefs, feelings and behaviours which are impacting on your life in a negative way. Your mind can become conditioned or programmed with patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours from past experiences, more often than not from childhood. And, no matter how much you try to consciously change them, it can be very difficult to do so as they are embedded at a deeper subconscious level.

I therefore work with you to access and understand the root cause of your presenting issue through hypnosis where we communicate with the subconscious part of your mind. We will go back to memories from your past where you acquired the beliefs / behaviours and establish what role and purpose they had for you. More often than not, what served you when you acquired them no longer serves you now. So once understood, we can release the out of date beliefs / behaviours and update them and ‘re-programme’ your mind with new preferred ones.

Very often, we can be living in an adult body but with emotions and beliefs from our childhood, where most of them originate. So, an important part of the process is to ‘upgrade’ the child within, which in itself, can be extremely powerful.

Case study example:

Client A came to me in their 40s after having had several years of low self-esteem, regular anxiety attacks since childhood and a constant ‘block’ to acquiring the professional and personal success they desired. They always reverted back to ‘staying small and safe’ which was causing constant frustration. In hypnosis, they went back to 3 memories from their childhood between the ages of 5 & 8, and each memory was of a situation where there were negative consequences for trying hard or doing well, as a result of other people’s behaviour. The belief that they had clearly acquired as this young child was “doing well causes me and others pain and no one really cares anyway”. Their subconscious mind had decided that ‘staying small’ was a better and safer option.

With this understanding, they were able to upgrade their inner child and release those old, out of date, unwanted beliefs and feelings which no longer served them as an adult. We then re-programmed their subconscious mind with more positive, powerful and beneficial suggestions around success and happiness in their professional and personal life.