After 30 years of anxiety about driving I had 2 sessions with Amanda and she put me at my ease immediately and her methods were very effective. From being extremely stressed at the idea of driving unknown routes I am now almost excited at the prospect of a drive somewhere new. I managed a 2 hour journey on motorways with no anxiety and am looking forward to visiting places I previously was too scared to drive to. Thanks to Amanda I feel the old fears are now firmly in the past.

Sam, West London

Amanda helped me to dissolve my old, stubborn and disempowering beliefs of ‘ lack of love’ and ‘I’m not enough’ in my past relationship. With her great skills and the tools of hypnotherapy, BLAST and EFT techniques we managed to bring to the surface and erase the emotional charge of the old and recent negative feelings that were creating my reality. I can now focus on other areas of my life. Thank you Amanda.

Dorota, London

Mine was a common, sensitive male problem so my first inclination was to seek male professional help but I heard about Amanda and had a long telephone discussion followed by three one-hour sessions. Amanda is a very easy person to talk to and she handled the process with great skill and sensitivity. Delighted to say things are back to normal. Must be magic! The first call is difficult to make but you won’t regret it.

Peter S

I consider myself to be very lucky to have found Amanda. The journey she took me through to improve my confidence and sense of self esteem has been life changing. Her ability to listen and to help me navigate the depths of my feelings in a safe and trusted space have been outstanding. I would highly recommend her.

C. Violi, London

I came to Amanda at my all-time low. Everything around me was in pieces and I even considered suicide. I only had 6 sessions with Amanda and that was enough to make me into a whole different person. She made me see clearly and breathe easily. She found the root to all my issues and destroyed them one by one resulting in a clear conscience and little/ no anger left in my system. She also worked on my body image issues and fear of looking into mirrors by engaging me in various exercises I could do at home. She was more than someone who helped; she was a friend and someone I could contact whenever necessary with any problem that was bothering me. Amanda Kerr turned my life around. Thank you for everything!

Naomi, West London

I cannot recommend Amanda enough, she is wonderfully welcoming and really makes you feel at ease. She is highly professional and able to comfortably talk to you about any issues without judgment and only with the goal of helping work through issues. The sessions were a great success for myself and helped me move past a number of barriers in my mind. Thanks Amanda.

James, Slough

Amanda is so calm and professional. The treatments were very effective. I cannot recommend her enough. At the end of each session, I would leave feeling so much lighter and relaxed and, in the long term, the differences are so noticeable. Thank you for everything Amanda!

Ines, Isleworth

Amanda Kerr is quite simply an angel, sent to earth to teach and to heal. She is warm, empathetic, caring, dedicated – she has shown me how to be in charge of my thoughts. No zoned out hypnotising in the movie sense, where you’re barking like a dog, or sleep walking, instead your brain is rested at an optimum level to get you back on track and moving forward full steam. If you’re considering hypnotherapy I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda Kerr. Thank you so much!

Kristale, Notting Hill

I just had to write to say a huge thank you for the quality time we spent together. I was in a very difficult place last year and in just 3 sessions a huge burden was lifted from me. I was particularly impressed with EFT. You are a remarkably talented therapist and one I highly recommend to everyone.

HM, London

After 4 sessions I have lost a stone in weight and am still going very well. I want to say thanks for a really excellent therapy. Your therapy was a turning point for me. Amazingly, it seems to have a dual effect on me – both relaxing and stimulating, which sounds contradictory but really isn’t.

Alice, Chiswick

I smoked for 19 years and I tried quitting unsuccessfully many times. With hypnosis, I found quitting incredibly easy. It was the easiest way of quitting I ever experienced. I am very grateful to Amanda, as she was wonderful in helping me to be the smoke free person I am today. She effectively presented information about hypnosis and helped me to relax in ways that made the experience helpful and valuable. I found the lead-up to the hypnosis very helpful as Amanda was empathetic, and reassuring. She took time to address my individual needs and concerns. I would highly recommend Amanda for hypnosis.

I am a mother of 3 and I smoked for 25 years. In my teens it was cool, in my 20’s it was sociable, in my 30’s it relieved the stress of work, by my 40’s it ruled my life. I would smoke first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I would always have a spare packet of cigarettes so that I would never run out. If I craved a cigarette I was horrible beyond belief. I can think of nothing that controlled me more. I was ashamed of myself.

I am very happy that for some reason your website “jumped out” to me and that I got in touch with you, because whatever you/we are doing…it’s working! Thank you so much! Thanks again for the amazing experiences and for helping me the way you have! I guess a big part of hypnosis is about feeling comfortable and safe, and that is exactly the environment you create in your lovely home and with your kind and caring personality! Thank you.

Gesa, Earls Court, London

Over the last 6 months Amanda Kerr has helped me enormously, using hypnosis and related techniques, to deal with fears which have been controlling my life for more than 20 years. I found myself becoming more and more nervous about facing everyday situations such as shopping, being in public places, going to the cinema or theatre, or just simply ‘eating out’. Amanda spent time understanding my fears and was never dismissive or judgemental about them. She used hypnosis and relaxation techniques to allow me to gain some control over the fears and the resultant panic attacks which were so debilitating. Amanda helped me to minimise my fears and learn ways to cope with situations which had previously proved extremely stressful to me. I am now much more confident and setting personal challenges each week to push myself a little bit further in terms of facing situations which would previously have been impossible to contemplate. I am extremely grateful to Amanda for giving me the confidence, ability and belief in myself that I have the power to overcome my phobias and to lead a normal life, without the endless restrictions which had become ‘the norm’ for me.

Katie, Lightwater, Surrey

When feeling particularly stressed or anxious I had started to suffer from urticaria otherwise known as hives. This consisted of raised, extremely itchy red welts on the skin which would move around my body and flare up in patches on my legs, arms and chest when I felt extremely anxious about something. I had visited the GP several times trying various creams and antihistamines to no avail. I then heard hypnotherapy can help this condition. I took 4 sessions with Amanda, the first 3 to try ways of coping with the anxiety meanwhile the hives continued. The 4th session was focused on overcoming the skin condition. Three days after this session the hives disappeared. This was my first experience with hypnotherapy and I would certainly recommend Amanda.

Working mother, Chiswick

Opening up to a stranger is an exposing experience but Amanda’s warmth and sincerity instantly put me at ease. Working together in a cosy safe relaxed environment, we always went at a pace that was comfortable for me, and I’ve seen amazing changes since I met her. When we started I was feeling powerless, scared and triggered, just completely stuck but we worked on my thoughts and issues, rewiring them and I now have incredible insights and tools to help me as I progress. The Blast technique and EFT were fantastic. I released things I didn’t even know I was holding on to. It’s an ongoing journey but Amanda’s kindness, sense of humour and patience made it all possible. I still use the techniques she taught me and the mp3 recording is so helpful to return to when I need it. If you’re thinking of reaching out – please turn to Amanda! She knows how to help, no matter how scary or overwhelming it feels. I’m so grateful I took that step. Thank you for everything!

Caroline, London

I had piled on the weight and was feeling really negative about myself and my looks. Amanda worked with me not just in looking at my relationship with food, but also my self esteem. She has been so supportive and empathetic that I have found it really easy and natural to open up and be honest, and thus receptive to rebuilding my confidence. The hypnosis itself has resulted in my approaching food in a completely different way and the weight has been falling off! Not once has it felt uncomfortable or challenging, it has been very natural and easy and it has absolutely worked! I cannot recommend Amanda enough, this has been one of the best investments in myself I have ever made!

Michele M.

Amanda has helped me deal with a lot of subconscious thoughts that got in the way of my body overcoming major chronic health issues. Since seeing Amanda, I am much more aware of myself, the root causes of my illness and I am generally a calmer and more mindful person. It is a life changing experience and I would recommend Amanda and hypnotherapy to anyone.

Seeing Amanda has changed my life. After only two sessions my phobia of eyes was gone and after being so severely phobic for years, within a week of seeing her I was wearing contact lenses – something I thought I would never achieve. I now feel very confident and happier about myself. Everyone with a phobia, whether it is rational or irrational will know that it can be very embarrassing and sometimes affect day to day life. Amanda was understanding and sympathetic and made me feel welcome and at ease.

Eliza, Shepherds Bush, London

I feel so blessed for crossing Amanda’s path at a time in my life when everything was falling apart! My husband had recently left me in rather unpleasant circumstances, my self-esteem went down the gutter, I felt like a total loser, unable to be the happy-caring mother I used to be, to get myself a job after stopping for 7 years to raise my kids and to move on with my life. I was totally depressed and paralysed by fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failing, fear of trying even! I started feeling much better from the first session when I released a lot emotions with the EFT technique, it was unbelievably powerful. The hypnotherapy was amazing for my self-confidence and for moving on. I still listen to the recordings once in a while when I need a top up of confidence and I keep using the techniques Amanda gave me when I get upset or frustrated by something. Today, I am off all my medication, I feel very calm, in control, strong and confident. And, most importantly, I believe that I am an even better mother than I was before. Amanda has been amazing all along this process, always listening, kind and caring, never judgmental, supporting me all the way. She is very approachable and kind and an extremely talented therapist !! Thank you Amanda x

Stef – London

I went to Amanda shortly after I had a mental breakdown. The pressure of work and my divorce just overcame me and as a naturally high achiever I felt like my whole world was falling apart. I needed help. I was failing at work and I had failed at my marriage. I felt like I was on a huge downward spiral at a time when I was the sole provider for my kids. I couldn’t lose control, I needed to provide for my kids. The doctor wanted to prescribe me anti anxiety pills but I felt like I just needed to get the worries out of my head. Not drug myself up. I had tried counselling before for years and I found it brought up so much pain from my childhood I couldn’t cope going through that again, I was sure it would make me feel worse. A friend recommended Amanda. I was cynical about hypnosis but I was willing to try anything that could help. The results have been amazing. After the first session I felt much more confident and positive. After 3 sessions I felt like a new person. All the old habits and behaviours had dissolved. I felt positive and optimistic about my future. My friends and family all commented on how happy and carefree I had become. My home life flourished and I landed my dream job. I don’t say any of this lightly. The decision to see Amanda turned my life around ….. and very quickly. I would recommend her to anyone. We all need to clear out those mental cobwebs. Don’t wonder if you should speak to her, wonder how your life would turn out if you don’t take this step.

Mother of 2, Chiswick

Of course I’d tried to give up. Books, patches, gum, fake cigarettes, keeping my butts in a glass jar to sniff … I tried it all. Then I met Amanda. She explained the process of hypnosis and it made sense. 2 sessions and 18 months later I’m still not smoking. I’ve been happy, sad, stressed and drunk and at no point have I ever felt like a cigarette. Breaking an addiction is very difficult. I can think of no one better than Amanda Kerr to help you through. She is professional, kind and genuine. Thank you Amanda.

Louise, Chiswick, London

I went to Amanda to deal with my phobia of flying. I had a very severe fear of flying and would have panic attacks when travelling if there was any turbulence but in fact I just did not enjoy the experience of flying at all. I would make myself get on an aeroplane but to me it was just a torture that I had to go through in order to go away. I had always avoided flying if I could and would holiday with my family to places that we could drive to in order to avoid the flying aspect. I had 3 sessions with Amanda and I found the first session very emotional. I had another 2 sessions following that with Amanda as I was going away with my husband for our 10 year anniversary to Iceland and I was very nervous about going away without my 2 young children. Following these 3 sessions I had an amazing time away and the flight was absolutely fine. I focused on what I had done in the sessions with Amanda and I was immensely proud of myself (as was my husband!). Since seeing Amanda I have had several flights over to Ireland (8 flights in fact) and this is something that I would have absolutely dreaded in the past. I have been calm and comfortable on all the flights and I am immensely grateful to Amanda for helping me overcome this phobia. I am flying to Spain with my family in August and I am looking forward to the holiday already – including the flight!

Emma, Chiswick

I have nothing but praise for Amanda! Over the past few years I developed a fear of flying which meant that every time an overseas holiday was mentioned, I started to panic. I wasn’t really sure where this fear had come from, but at the first session with Amanda she was able to identify the probable cause and gave me the confidence that I could ‘unlearn’ the thought processes that made me nervous. During the three sessions with Amanda she helped me find any ‘trigger’ points of anxiousness when imagining myself leaving home to go to the airport, checking in, boarding the plane etc. She then applied relaxation techniques that I would be able to use in the real life situation. Using hypnotherapy I was able to learn how to control any panic, and I was left armed with the ‘tools’ I could use whilst on a flight, including a recording I used on my i-pod. During all of this Amanda was never judgemental or made me feel I was making a fuss! Amanda is a naturally warm and gentle person, and I felt I could totally be myself with her. I felt elated when I took a flight shortly after seeing Amanda and was able to apply the techniques and relax. Now when anyone mentions an overseas trip my first thought is ‘bring it on’ rather than ‘oh no’! I highly recommend Amanda and I am extremely grateful to her for helping me overcome my fears.